Emeline Tousart

Conjurer, Herbalist, Medic

The journey of Emeline Tousart.
Co-leader, Conjurer & Doctor of the
The Aetherwatch Society, a philanthropic group dedicated to care and restoration of those effected by darker magics and their users.
Daughter of Gridania /Elemental 'h'earer

Located on Mateus

Emeline Tousart
Nickname: Eme
Occupation: Co-leader of Aetherwatch Society,
Aetherical & Combat Healer, Trauma Surgeon, Herbalist.
(Conjurer with a full scope of elemental training/Botanist)
Origin: Gridania
Race: Midlander Hyur
Age: 24
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’4”
Current Residence:
The Lavender Beds
(Her work and her home)
Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Good
Religion: Menphina
Relationship Status: Gave up.
Scars or Distinguishing Marks:
A tattoo between her shoulder blades of a darker pink rose bud with the stem.
Small one-inch laceration scars mark her mid torso.
Build or Body Type: Medium height, athletic frame.
Speech Patterns or Accents:
Though it is slowly changing, Eme speaks in an old Gridanian cadence, a mix of formal and old-world sentence structure. Her voice is usually kind and soothing with a hint of authority.
Emeline is a Gridanian at heart, for good or bad. She had only known the safety of the Shroud and at a young age began her training as a healer, both magical and physical. By the age of fourteen, she was tending to the sick as an apprentice Conjurer. Once the battle of Cartenneau took place, she was in the clinics to receive the wounded alongside the other younger Conjurers that did not take the field. There she befriended some of the survivors and maintained said friendship even after they departed the city.
Up until about four years ago, her entire life was about Gridania and being a Conjurer. She finally hit a moment where she realized that she needed to become more worldly and set out to find her friends, who were self-proclaimed mercenary adventurers. That led her to Ul’dah and finally, answering an ad for an airship crew with them. Emeline served the medical team as the Chief Medical Officer on the Rocinante, caring for a crew of forty adventuring souls. Her life became about the ship and Limsa Lominsa.
As with all things, time changes pursuits and desires. With a heavy heart, she and a group of those closest to her departed the ship to follow a calling. Having been deeply affected by the machinations of a sick and dark caster, Emeline, alongside her mentor Catherina Renard, organized her friends and allies to form a group called the Aetherwatch Society. A group dedicated to providing aid, protecting, and advocating for those who have been affected by the darker parts of this world. With the war consuming all, a great many use this to take advantage of others.
She has a very gentle kindness and an honest tone about her. Emeline puts others first when it comes to caring. She is never at peace so long as others are in strife around her. Where there was one a ripple of great sadness and rage just below the surface, now is replaced with a more humorous and blunt side. Overall she attempts to find the good in everything and everyone, but with a wiser and more realistic outlook.

In Game:
Emeline Tousart
Aetherwatch Society
Lavender Beds
Ward 6, Plot 58


Aetherwatch Society

IC Plot Hooks

You might know Emeline if...

  • You are a member of the Conjurer's Guild of the Stillglade Fane. Emeline has been under their tutelage since she was eight and has served actively in Gridania since.

  • You have knowledge or are part of the Gridanian Gentry and Tradesmen Classes. The Tousart family has a prosperous business trade in carpentry and have a long standing lineage in the gentry.

  • Two to four years ago you spent time in Limsa in and out of the skypirate vessels or port. During her time 'seeing the world', Emeline served as the Chief Medical Officer aboard a skyship called the Rocinante.

  • You work in the philanthropic field, aiding other groups or city-states with medical and material goods. Aetherwatch is constantly working with other aid groups and Free Companies in the realm of aetheric disturbances and illnesses.

Out Of Character Information

  • Hi! I'm Eme's player. I am a really laid-back person that believes that IRL comes first. My schedule is open during EST days and some late nights. My evenings are usually booked with scheduled events.

  • I run an FC. A very busy one with allies and extensions of friends to boot. I try my best to meet new people, but the reality of it is that my face time is very limited. My FC will always come first.

  • I love to talk about housing...I might have an addiction. I love visiting other housing addicts and sharing inspiration and picking up tips and tricks.

  • I am a lore adherrant player. I respect your sub and you can play whatever you wish, but I prefer plotlines that run within the FF14 lore universe and stick close to the msq and lore walls. Granted...I run a mage guild...but there is bending and breaking. So no AU for me.

  • I'm not even sure what to write about relationships or ships. Just...if you wish to know Eme...do it in-game. I don't preplan social plot, relationships, or track my dating cycle. I just like fluid rp, social interactions, and building up trust over time. I am not currently looking for an RP Partner.